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Cracking & popping are not the indicators you think 🤔

Things crackling, popping or clanging 😅

Many would say the sounds of the creeky body is "air" 🌬 entering into soft tissues. Leading to 💦 tiny bubbles in the synovial fluid 🦴

Also know as "joint fluid" synovial fluid is a thick liquid found in the cavities of our joints. It's job 📜 👨‍🎓 is to reduce friction ⚡️ in the joint!

When we bend, sit, get up ⬆️ and move these "bubbles" 💦 can burst making the sound we think as a pop, Snapple or crack. Don't be alarmed. 🚨 ⏰

HOWEVER! 🛑 ✋ there can be an underlying problem! Example scar tissue, tears or tendons moving over a protruding 🦴 bone.

Signs such as 🪧 pain and swelling can be a more 🧐 serious concern requiring attention.

Perhaps cartilage has softened or worn away, losing its smoothness 😉 from overuse, injury or something else changing load 🏋️‍♂️

Now you can take anti inflammation poppers, you can follow 🌾 rice methods (look it up) or you can visit us for non invasive manual therapy.

Where we do not elicit pain and can help ease things into the position they need be. If red or swollen seek some guided attention first from a pro.

It's more above manipulating soft tissues over hard tissues as they yield and control its motion and static appearance. Not forcing the hard tissue in hope of lasting change to that such in fact elicits force.

Ask us for more!

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