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Appeasing Spasms

So spasms hmmm 🤔

Short quick and dirty. 🐜

Like a jolt to your body. ⚡️

Ok so let us attempt stretching 🧘‍♀️ as many of us do. Wait a moment.... it's not working? Why I am always told to stretch? 🙋‍♂️

Let me describe why you may be eliciting pain 🛑 and encouraging a problem rather than solving it! 📝

For whatever the reason may be, the tissues (muscle) has become short.

It has contracted and shortened in response to something to (are you ready) protect itself. ⚠️

Naturally we like to oppose an opposite affect on things. If something is wet 💧 we dry ☀️ it.

If something is cold 🥶 we heat 🔥 it up. Etc etc.

Yet in this scenario the body ❤️ through the nervous system 😬 your body has already taken initiative for you and done the opposite to oppose the problem. It has contracted some tissues (albeit quickly) to protect itself. Now you are attempting to lengthen and "stretch" shortened contracted tissues. This can lead to injury or worse. ✋ 🛑

It is best if anything to shorten it further! Yes you read that correctly, shorten it further in the direction the spasm has occurred 👍 . This will further inhibit 🪴 and relax the sensation and signals returning to your nervous system.

In very simple terms, most of the time, trust the process don't fight it. Many spasms occur in therapy when the practitioner is not paying attention to the patient or how tissue response is at present time. Mindfulness is key 🔑 for long term success in care.

Remember! If a spasm occurs take it the way it's going slowly and calmly. You'll thank us after. Most likely 👏 #health #tips #painrelief #osteopathy #physiotherapy #chiropractic #eyebrow #therock #gingerbread #reading #sleighbells #fitness #jinglebells #holidayseason

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