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Corrective Foam Rolling

Foam rolling yay 😀 or nay 😤

The answer is in fact the worst imaginable… it depends! 😂

As with most tools 🧰 🛠 sometimes it is less what is available in the kit and more our approach 🚘 to the problem at hand.

A foam roller under gravity 🌙 is definitely one way we can approach soft tissues. My question is should we use it on what feels ouchy 🤕 😓 or not?

My proposition is if something feels tight, tense and sore it may be the side that is in fact lengthened not contracted 💪. If so try foam rolling 🍕 the other side! ✅ that’s right attempt the opposing side that is not expressing pain 🔥.

This may be the side exhibiting contraction 🏋️‍♀️ causing pain for you. See if rolling the opposing side helps alleviate the response. If not message us for more 😊.

In summary, generally the site in pain is not the side that requires foam rolling let alone treatment. It is commonly a resultant due to an adversary or antagonist. I mean to say the opposing muscle group is causing the pain likely rather then the site of pain itself. That is like saying your IT band keeps hitting itself. It is not I can assure you. Lastly on that note remember IT bands are meant to be cannot loosen it. It's in the anatomy! Perhaps that will be out next post!


Happy rolling!

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