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Body Stiffness in The Morning Explained

Morning Stiffness ☀️

The discomfort is generated from changes in the length of our muscles & blocked pain sensations. ❌

We commonly understand that between our joints, soft tissues known as muscles run along between these joints, pulling them together on varying sides. The muscle pulls and the joints follow. 💪The muscle not only generates movement of joints but pumps fluid. ✊ No joke! Along with that very same muscle we have some groupies, one of which is our veins. So, while the muscle strums its fibres, and the joints follow along to the beat they are pumping fluid with the beat of its drum.

While we sleep, you may think the muscles are lacking in their practice, but our chest, lungs and respiration compensate as we should be achieving deeper more restful breaths (respiration) 🫁which helps pump fluids instead! (Along with some tossing and turning of course.)

Now over time due to some late nights, age and use of our muscle’s things can become stressed. Adhesion theoretically can take place or become tense, tight, and hard to use. The tonicity has substantially increased. Thus, at night when we are not moving as much to help block out the discomfort, these aches and pains start creeping up.

Then we wake up, our body honestly tells us, “Hey This Part Sucks” then will tense up further thinking it needs to protect itself. One may start to stress out, increasing the trouble!

So, until we get moving, the response and discomfort stay. Unless the tissues have thickened up chronically over time without attention, making it difficult to get it moving.

What to do? Well, we now need to take a very holistic approach to “melting away” the tension. The soft tissues from muscle to bone, fascia to connective tissue needs to be calmed down. How is this done? Well, now our nerves are involved! Now we can exercise and stretch which is fantastic! But may not target the specific regions of concern. That’s where non invasive manual therapy comes in. We melt the trouble away so you wake up without pain 👊

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